‘Skate Boogie’ to End Homelessness on May 4th!


On Saturday, May 4th, from 3-5:30pm, the “Skate Boogie-Dance Show” to raise awareness for the “National Plan to End Homelessness” will be held at the “Roller Boogie” section of the Venice Recreation Center.

'Skate Boogie' to End Homelessness

From the organizers:

The Skate Boogie-Dance Show is a non-fundraising event to raise awareness about the Presidential, Comprehensive, National Homeless Plan To End Homelessness designed by Justiceville, Inc., which is in the possession of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) and the Los Angeles Homelessness Services Authority (LAHSA); and to recruit and develop a peaceful force of volunteers to make it reality.


In acknowledgement of his January 21,2013 Second Inauguration characterization presented before the world and the Court of GOD Himself to complete the unfinished efforts of Abraham Lincoln and Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it is the objective of our movement to encourage Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama, the First African-American, “black”, US President to implement the National Homeless Plan To End Homelessness.

African-Americans are 11% of the general population of this “nation of willing immigrants” yet, as descendants of chattel slaves (unwilling immigrants) they are over 60% (not counting the scattered Katrina victims)

Of all US Military Veterans in shelters (visible), over 34% are African-American.

Based on the legacy role he wants the world to view him, it behooves this “particular” President to finally act on behalf of his identity names sakes, beginning with those whom are entrapped in homelessness, by which all other homeless peoples will be rescued as well.

See “Request To The President”, “This Particular President” and “The Two-Phase Objective

For more information contact: Pam at 310-266-9062 or Ted at 424-248-4219