Trash Can Check Requested!


If everyone reading this site checks their trash cans, we can probably find this stuff!

From Rachel:

I woke up this morning and found my car broken into on Pacific and 19th Ave.

Stolen in Venice Beach

I am a life long Venice resident, and a clinical social worker. The ONLY item stolen out of my car was a black bag containing study material for my state licensing exam with the State of California.

Stolen in Venice Beach

These study materials are worthless to most anyone else.

I imagine they have been dumped somewhere in the area.

If any of you find any binders, notebooks, flashcards or study CDs containing clinical/mental health/social work information, please contact! They were in a black patent leather bag.

These photos are not exact, bu similar to what was in the bag. Materials from Gerry Grossman, AATBS, USC School of Social Work, contained in a bag similar in size.

Stolen in Venice Beach

My exam is less than two weeks away, I really need my study materials.

Stolen in Venice Beach

If you see anything in your trash bins, alleys or on the streets of Venice, please let me know.

Thanks, Venice!