Food Truck ‘Squatting’ on Abbot Kinney


Heading home on Thursday the 4th at about 3am, I noticed both sides of Abbot Kinney lined with vehicles:

Food Truck Squatting Abbot Kinney

The next day at 2pm, all of the same vehicles remained:

Food Truck Squatting Abbot Kinney

That right there is why most of the merchants on Abbot Kinney are not happy with the food trucks that come to First Fridays and take up parking on pretty much the entirety of the street by 6am for the entire day (there were no cars squatting in front of the Brig, as someone had pulled “no parking” permits for that block for Friday …).

The profits gained by the food truck operators outweigh the parking tickets they incur during the day, so this is part of their “business model”. Not at all neighborly nor respectful of the brick and mortars on Abbot Kinney that pay “real money” to do business here …

I asked Councilman Rosendahl’s office for an “official” comment on this, and while I did speak with the Council Office, at this point in time they do not have any statement to make about this ongoing parking problem.