Update to Cyclist Getting Ticketed on Venice Bike Path!


Update #2! Captain Peters of LAPD Pacific has clarified that the officer involved does not work at Pacific Division, he works out of West Traffic Division. Captain Peters has contacted Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy who is the Commanding Officer of Operations-West Bureau and she confirmed the ticket was cancelled and Chris is under no obligation to further appear in court! Part of the difficulty in notifying Chris may have been with the address that was given during the time of the ticket. Thanks to Captain Peters for the quick response!

Update to the “Funniest Venice Home Videos: 22350“, where a motorcycle cop gave a ticket to Chris J. for apparently arguing with him.

NBC LA Twitter

NBC News says that LAPD has canceled the bike-path ticket “in the interest of justice”. As of 5:50 pm, that is news to Chris J., who has not been contacted by the LAPD about this.

Here is how Chris spent his day today:

If anyone from the LAPD would like to get in contact with Chris to let him formally know that his ticket has been dropped, send us an email and we will forward it along to him to put you in contact!

Check out the original video, which is creeping up on 100k views!



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