LAPD: 2012 Crime Stats for Venice


From the LAPD Pacific Division, via their Facebook page:

Venice Area: Roughly West of Abbot Kinney and South of Rose. Including the Canal and Peninsula areas:

Violent Crime was down 11.4% this year. Aggravated Assaults were down 22.6%. Property crime rose 2% due to an increase in Burglary & Theft from Vehicles, but Burglaries were down 12%, Grand Theft Auto was down, and Other Thefts were also down. The total number of Part 1 Crimes remained the same as last year. The only large increase for Venice was in Burglary & Theft for Vehicles. To prevent your vehicle from being broken into, don’t leave anything visible inside your vehicle. Also insure that you always lock and secure your car.

Venice Oakwood Area: Roughly West of Lincoln and East of Abbot Kinney:

Total violent crime is down 16.7% with a 25% reduction in Robberies, and a 13.6% decrease in Aggravated Assaults. Total property crimes were down 5.4% due to a decrease of 22.2% in Other Thefts. But Grand Theft Autos and Burglary for Motor Vehicles were up. One of the largest problems we see when vehicles are being stolen or broken into is that vehicles are simply being left unlocked. Also anti theft devices such as products like the CLUB will greatly increase the chances that your vehicle will be passed up by criminals.

(More stats will be posted when they update!)