Video: LAPD vs. Naked Man in Venice Beach



LAPD Pacific Division saw the video posted here and started an investigation into this! From the LAPD:

“After viewing this video we (LAPD Pacific Division) immediately started an investigation. Initially our investigation has revealed that once again the camera does not capture the whole story. The officers in the police car were able to turn around and detain the naked man. They ensured that he was alright, and with the help of a citizen were able to get the man some clothes. Sadly the kind acts of both the officers and the citizen were not captured on the same video. A thorough investigation of the incident is still ongoing”.

Upon reading this, the person that emailed the video to Yo! Venice! went back to confirm what happened! That person had not watched the video far enough past the original clip that they had sent in! Sure enough, the LAPD officers did turn around to deal with the nude dude! Here is a longer version of the video!

The LAPD has asked the person that owns the video for a high quality long form version on it!

The original post:

Surveillance video: LAPD enforcement of Venice Boardwalk curfew.