C.J. Gronner: The Venice Skatepark


C.J. Gronner of BlogTown and The Beachhead has a new article up about the Venice Skatepark and the Venice Surf and Skateboard Association (V.S.A.). Read the article, then get involved in helping your neighbors at the V.S.A.!

esmond Tutu Shepherd 12-7-2012

Desmond Shepherd – Picture by Ray Rae!

From CJ Gronner:

Happy New Year, People! In the interest of shining a light on the things that are still awesome about living in Venice in 2013, I recently dug a little deeper into the everyday goings on at the Venice Skatepark. I grew up with my brother’s half-pipe in our backyard, smashed my own face trying to drop in off that thing, and was always surrounded by skaters, so I have a soft spot for the whole scene, but also recognize the beauty and importance of this place in our community.

After working for over 20 years to erect a skatepark in what many believe is the birth place of skateboarding, Venice finally got its skate home in 2009, and skaters have been tearing it up ever since. Which is why the maintenance of the park is such a big deal. Many places have skateparks put in by well-meaning skate companies and foundations, or grants or whatever, but then they leave and it’s up to whomever else is left to keep it up and running. Venice Skatepark is on Park and Recreation (City of L.A.) territory, but no one from the city has ever stepped a foot into the park to clean it. Ever. ALL the clean up and maintenance of the park is done by beyond dedicated, hard working and meaning it volunteers.

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