Sand: Science, Art and Life


I injured my shoulder a few weeks ago and have had some sleepless nights as of late because of it. Last night my “can’t sleep” theme was “sand”. I learned a lot about sand and many other things along the way!

1st up: An awesome German guy with a microscope and more than 200 sand samples from around the world made a video of his samples and put it on the internet. Check this video out, very cool!

The next video features Pete Donnelly, the “sand dancer” from New Brighton. He creates amazing works of art in the sand! Check this video out, very cool!

The last video is “A Grain of Sand”, a full length documentary featuring Brendon Grimshaw that is about life, death, material things and “ownership”, the rat race, eco-tourism and quality of life. What an amazing man!

From the filmmakers:

Brendon Grimshaw, a British national, was editor to some of the most important newspapers in Africa. In 1972, he gave it all up to go and live on Moyenne Island, which he purchased for ten thousand pounds. In the thirty-six-years that he has lived on the island, Brendon and his friend, Rene Lafortune, planted sixteen-thousand trees, built 4.8 kilometers of nature paths, and brought and bred 109 giant land tortoises, creating an island of incredible beauty now worth 34 million Euros. Come with us on this journey and discover why this 82-year-old man fears his island will one day be destroyed.