Moving: Surfing Cowboys Abbot Kinney


Located at 1624 Abbot Kinney since 1998, Surfing Cowboys will be moving to 12553 Venice Blvd at the end of February / beginning of March in 2013. No word on who the new occupant of the building will be as of now, or what they will be paying per square foot for rent. Maybe it will be possible for Surfing Cowboy’s to negotiate the rent and have two stores!

Surfing Cowboys Abbot Kinney

The new location at 12553 Venice:

Surfing Cowboys Culver City

Update from Surfing Cowboys:

Surfing Cowboys is on the move, business is increasing and we’ve secured new premises, 2 miles east at 12553 Venice Blvd in Mar Vista.

We are stoked to tell you that our new compound has double the space and ceiling height so we’ll be stretching our wings and breaking out the big guns.

Equally exciting, we have our own parking lot, meters for over-spill and two hour parking on the side streets… giving you ample opportunity to come, hang and experience our future expression.

As 20 year pioneer residents of Abbot Kinney we are grateful to the community for your continual support and for spreading Surfing Cowboys around the world. Our aesthetic is in your homes, our shirts are on your backs and the spirit lives on.

As ever, you can rely on us for your holiday gifts, home furnishings and one-of-a-kind finds, we won’t be making any changes to our Abbot Kinney location until Spring.

Just so you know, we’re exploring options to retain a footprint in Venice. We’ll keep you posted. P.S. We’re open to suggestions.

Wayne, Donna
and the Surfing Cowboys Team