Pictures: Space Shuttle Endeavour 10-12-12


Do yourself a favor and make the effort to see Space Shuttle Endeavour roll through the streets of LA Saturday afternoon.

Space Shuttle Endeavour 10-12-12

The kid dressed as the astronaut was very psyched!

Pictures do not do the experience justice, nor is it likely that block long crowds will break into cheer and song at the California Science Center museum like they are doing on the streets of LA.

I was able to find a free parking spot within a block of the route and take these pictures. In most places the crowd was only 2-3 deep along the route. Arrive 45 or so minutes before an expected “shuttle by”, pick a spot and have a great time! Don’t miss this! Grab the family and friends and go check it out! (I’d advise setting up along the route – seeing it when it is stopped is not as fun.)

Click here to see the pictures “real size”, or here to see them individually.

Space Shuttle Endeavour 10-12-12