Shulamit Gallery Venice Beach


The Shulamit Gallery will open at 17 North Venice on October 15th. An opening reception for the group show “My Heart Is in the East, and I Am at the Ends of the West” will be held on November 3rd from 6-9pm.  This is the first permanent space for the gallery, which has been a “pop-up” since 2006.

Shulamit Gallery Venice Beach

From the Shulamit Gallery:

Shulamit Gallery seeks to engage Angelenos through cross-cultural exhibitions and programming, featuring artwork by emerging and established artists. The Gallery supports work that is aesthetically innovative, socially engaged, and that fosters dialogue and views the artist as a cultural ambassador. Devoted to building bridges between our regional and global community, Shulamit Gallery focuses on the Middle East with a special interest in Israeli, Iranian and Jewish artists.

Shulamit Gallery is deeply rooted in the Persian value of mehman navaz, meaning hospitality. In Hebrew this is expressed as hakhnasat orchim. The Gallery is a place where people from diverse communities are welcomed. Here you can meet and converse. Art is meant to inspire curiosity, celebrate similarities and share differences. Our programming explores the role of art and culture in assimilation, acculturation, shifting geographical boundaries, personal identity and how racism and religious persecution negatively impact our society. Shulamit Gallery strives to use art as a platform to create a more inclusive and hospitable future. Khosh amadid ⎯ We look forward to welcoming you to Shulamit Gallery.

The Shulamit Gallery
17 North Venice
Venice 90291

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment