Fresh and Easy to Present Plans at Boys and Girls Club Meeting


From the Triangle Update:

Fresh and Easy will present its proposal for the northwest corner of Lincoln and Washington to the public Tuesday, October 2 from 7 to 8 pm at the Boys and Girls club, 2232 Lincoln Blvd.

Platinum Motors Venice

After this presentation, they will present their proposal to the Venice Neighborhood Council’s (VNC) Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC).

No matter where you live in Venice, if you pass Lincoln and Washington going east, west, north, or south, you will be affected. Fresh and Easy is a fast-food type of drive-in, stop-and-shop, small grocery store. It has packaged meals and fruit, fresh bakery goods, off-site liquor, dairy, and some canned and packaged essentials.

It is proposed to have an entrance/exit off Harrison Ave., first street north of Washington, and Washington Blvd. The building will be facing the boulevards and will have its parking in the rear.



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