Grand Canal West Bank Erosion Control Project Gets Funding


From Councilman Rosendahl:

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved today a Budget and Finance Committee report that provides funding for the Grand Canal West Bank Erosion Control project in Venice.

Bill Rosendahl

According to the report, the project will receive $198,000 to help with eroding pipes and deteriorating slopes.

“Since I came into office in 2005, the restoration of Ballona Lagoon and Grand Canal has been one of my top priorities,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. ” Working with the Silver Strand and Marina Peninsula neighbors and developers, significant improvements have been made that not only protect these valuable resources, but ensure that everyone will have full access.”

With the completion of fencing and pathways along the Lagoon and the eastside of the Grand Canal, these additional dollars are needed to continue work on the westside of the Canal that will address eroding pipes and deteriorating slopes.

The funding for the Grand Canal project along with recent funding provided through the Mayor’s 50 parks initiative, a plan is in the works to design a park that will lead into the Grand Canal from Via Marina.

“These elements will ensure everyone will be able to enjoy this true Los Angeles treasure,” said Rosendahl.

No word yet on exactly when the work will start on the Grand Canal.