Attempted Mugging + Beating: 25th and Pacific


From Sunnyside/OFW via email:

Our friend was biking (sober) on Pacific at 25th two nights ago at midnight. He was intentionally attacked, shoved off his bike, beaten and mugged. It sounds like they had been laying in wait … one guy jammed the front bike tire, another pushed him off and the third started kicking him.

25th and Pacific 90291

He did lots of yelling for help but nobody came to aid. They beat him & chased him, but left with nothing. He is beat up and rattled but ok.

The suspects are said to be three guys who were black about 6′ tall and wearing hoodies. They chased my friend through yards and fences into the canals where he was able to escape and call police, but police did not find the suspects.

This is the third incident of recent vicious, intentional and brutal mugging attacks I have heard of in the last few weeks. Three days ago in the OFW grassy area at about 25th there was a woman telling the story that her coworker had just been stuck from behind with possibly a bat on OFW at night and mugged … his wallet and phone were taken and he had a concussion. I don’t know any more about that incident, someone may chime in to the posting …There was also the girl who was pushed off her bike and mugged on 8.3 at about Golds Gym.

With so many lights out, the shady areas seem to have increased.