Alan’s Market to (Maybe) Expand in January


Alan’s Market, which changed owners back in January, is about to get a big face lift.

Alan's Market Venice Beach

Starting in January, the Market will begin to expand west, taking over the PO Box and Escrow business locations that currently occupy the street level seen (in green) in the picture. The existing space (seen in blue) will remain open during the initial remodel, but will get all new appliances and windows that look out onto the street. The new owner, who operates the market, owns the entire building.

Update: below is a correction from Mike at Postal Masters. Please continue to use Postal Masters, they are a great family business (I use them myself). That said, I trust my sources (two people), but let’s just assume that my sources got it wrong. Postal Masters has written me that they are not going anyplace and I believe them.


This is Mike from Postal Masters. About a week ago, you wrote a story about the Alan’s market. And, you stated in your article that my store will be closed due to the market expansion next year. So, many people got into worries that they need to do something with there mail boxes before that expansion happens. It came to me as a surprise also. So, my father spoke with the market owner. And, indeed the information on your article is not true and misleading. We are not going away from current location. And, the market is not expending. So, I think you need to write a correction on that article after more careful research for your readers and for us.

Thank you


Alan’s Market
339 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292