The Big Parade is This Weekend!


Want to get two great days of exercise and sightseeing in this weekend?

The Big Parade

The Big Parade is a two-day walk through Los Angeles that will start in downtown, at the famous Angel’s Flight Stairway, and finish at the Hollywood Sign above Beachwood Canyon.

Day One ends – and Day Two begins – at the famous music Music Box Stairs – site of the Oscar-winning Laurel & Hardy film of the same name – in Silverlake. It will take place May 19 and 20, 2012. Each day includes a main segment of about five miles; the walk runs on a schedule so that people can join and leave the group as it progresses.

From The Big Parade:

Remember—and this is most important: This is a community walk. That means we stay together as a group, and it means that YOU CAN DO IT! Why? Because we break the walk into segments so that walkers of all ages and levels of fitness can join us at specific times (of course, anyone is welcome to meet us at any point along the way – and all are invited to join us at the end to celebrate the walk).

A core group of will be doing the entire event. But – as the name “Big Parade” implies – the true nature of the journey is public-based. In addition to passing dozens of landmarks, we will be joined by community members, both individuals and in groups, as we pass through the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. The walk is broken into specific segments.

The Big Parade

Among the other features of the walk will be:

– Ramps, tunnels, and little-known passageways that reveal LA’s pedestrian character.
– Art, art, art—on the streets and all along the way.
– Cross country and trail segments in Echo Park, Silverlake, and Griffith Park.
– Landmarks that are famous, not-so-famous, infamous, and just-plain-weird (over thirty of them, mapped and ready for viewing)
– Music.
– Visits with community groups and local organizations.
– AND A MOVIE/PARTY Saturday night at the Music Box steps.

Thanks to Yo! Venice! pal Zach Behrens over at KCET! Click that link to check his great writeup!