Google: Abbot Kinney 1st Friday Venice PhotoWalk


Google is promoting their Google+ social network and their sponsorship of The Venice Artwalk with a “photo walk” this evening at 1st Fridays. Join Khris Griffis and Bobby Gibbons at the corner of North Venice Blvd and Abbot Kinney at 5:30pm.


There is no need to RSVP for this photowalk, just show up and look for a group of camera-toting peoples. They will be giving out G+ tchotchkes during the walk. PS anyone working on the G+ team here in Venice:

Update: thanks to the G+ team that is here in Venice for the quick response in the forums and by email with an easy workaround! Yo! Venice! is back to updating on G+! Sign up and add us as a friend!

I’d use the YoVenice G+ a lot more if I could actually post anything on it.


Google Plus

There was a YoVenice G+ account with a lot of friends on it that was deleted because it wasn’t a “page” (payback for being an early adopter!) … now the “page” won’t let me type anything on it because the “All / Following / Customers / More” box covers up the “share what is new” entry field. It is likely a browser issue, but I am not going to change computers just to post links on G+ (screws up my workflow, yo!), and this is the latest Firefox this computer can take …