Penmar Park Update from Councilman Rosendahl


Been wondering when the huge mound of dirt will be going away at Penmar Park? Councilman Rosendahl has a video update!

Glad to see Councilman Rosendahl’s office using social media so effectively to get the news out to the community! Big thanks to the Councilman and his staff!



  1. […] Via Yo! Venice!, LA City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s office has produced a video detailing the ongoing work at Venice’s Penmar Park. The work is obvious to anyone who has driven along Rose Ave., just north of Lincoln Blvd., where a massive pile of dirt is currently the most prominent resident. As Councilmember Rosendahl cheerily explains, the dirt is part of an ongoing stormwater capture project that will deliver “a tank that filters and cleans the water.” Funded by 2004′s Proposition O, the $14 million project will eventually deliver the city’s largest tank, at 2.75 million gallons, which will irrigate the park and the golf course across the street, along with several capture and filter mechanisms to remove trash and debris from the stormwater system before it reaches Santa Monica Bay. As Rosendahl explains, this project represents “The future of stormwater management in the city of Los Angeles.” LA City Engineer Kendrick Okuda agrees that the project represents a new form of infrastructure improvement in the city: “This is one for the first opportunities for us to implement this type of stormwater harvesting for beneficial use, at the same time protecting public health.” Work is expected to be complete by spring of 2013. […]

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