Yo! Venice! Website Update


Emil and I spent some time “under the hood” at Yo! Venice! today.

Yo Venice

1. There is now a Google search for the website on the home page.

2. New login for the front page to make life easy on people. You can click to check private messages in the forums and edit your profile and avatar.

3. There is now a drop down “Venice 411” menu at the top of the website that replaces the “Venice 411” section of the Wiki.  More sections will appear as we get around to it. Take a look around, it is handy info for residents. (It even has up to date cheap gas prices!)

4. There are now Google text Ads on the website. Click on ’em if you like what they are selling. Log-in to the website and they should go away.

5. There are Google Ads in the RSS feed. Click on ’em if you like what they are selling. I need a new MacBook Pro, thanks for understanding.

6. The “archives” were moved to a drop down on the left side of the site.