LAPD Bomb Squad in Venice 11-11-10


As discussed today in the forums:

After an initial LAPD patrol response about a suspicious package on Vernon between 6th and 7th, the LAPD Bomb Squad was called in at approximately 10am. The object was reportedly two suitcases that were chained together and to a wall.

The suspicious objects turned out not to be actual bombs, but an onlooker noted “I watched most of the event and was impressed with how the Officers and Bomb Squad handled everything. So, big THANKS to all of them for what they deal with everyday.”

Bomb Squad Venice Beach

From their website: The LAPD Bomb Squad has 28 full-time Bomb Technicians who respond to all explosive-related incidents throughout the City. The Bomb Squad maintains an on-call team to respond to calls 24-hours a day. Each Bomb Technician carries essential equipment including the bomb suit, x-ray, bomb blanket and other special tools. This equipment is required to handle the variety of explosive-related incidents.

Approximately 22% of calls the LAPD Bomb Squad handles are live devices that have been rendered safe, live devices that already functioned, live military ordnance, or other illegal explosive devices.

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