Heavy Metal Mayhem in Venice Beach !


This weekend, the Westside Metal Alliance will present “Boardwalk Brutality”, a two day heavy metal music festival staged at the muscle beach stage. The event is being organized by Alex from Venice Paparazzi, so we know it will be a well run show and hope it is a great success!

Westside Metal Alliance

Go check out the music! Email your Heavy Metal loving friends from other area codes and tell them there is a huge free metal show in Venice! Rumor has it Metallica might play! (There is no truth to the rumor, as I just made it up, but it might get your lazy friends to drive to Venice for the show!) Even if you don’t like metal there will be go-go dancers, long hair and bands with cool names like Enthraller, Skorne, Unsanctified and Death Asylum!

The complete lineup of bands that are scheduled to appear this weekend is “after the jump”.

Saturday Oct. 30

Skorne-11:00 a.m.
Dark Mercenary -11:35
Neverdead-12:10 p.m.
Eden’s Onslaught-12:45
Enthraller- 1:25
Jameson- 2:05
The Pain-2:50
Insecticide- 3:35
Slip Into Coma-4:20
Brutal Force- 5:00
Damaged Kids-7:00

Sunday Oct. 31

Murder at the well- 11:00 a.m.
Torment-id- 11:35
Faded Sun 12:05 p.m.
Isolation in Infamy-12:45
Willie Basse 1:25
Rattlehead 2:45
Arsenal 4:15
Unsanctified 5:00
Velosity 5:40
Piracy 6:20
Death Asylum 7:00



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