Medical Kush Beach Club Venice Beach


Whatcha get when you roll up 2 ounces of Kush and 6 grams of hash into a Big Bambu style spliff? Some very serious “medication” that the boys down at Medical Kush Beach Club on Ocean Front Walk want to show you:

The making of:

HashbarTV Ep 14 Cheech n Chong Porn Star Hash Joint ROLL IT en Yahoo! Video

The smoking of:

Before everyone gets too excited, it should be noted that this video is a promotional video that the KUSH guys made to get exposure for their club house. Yo! Venice! 100% supports the legalization of marijuana. While I don’t smoke it personally, I have seen first hand the positive benefits of it after I had to illegally purchase some for my father when he was dying of cancer. Marijuana is a valid pain medication.