Venice Arts Gallery: Jim Hubbard: Injustice, Power & Unusual People


This Saturday, Venice Arts Gallery will hold the opening reception for Jim Hubbard: Injustice, Power & Unusual People starting at 5pm. This retrospective celebrates Jim’s career as an acclaimed photographer: from a young photojournalist covering the ’67 Detroit Riots, through his current work from Palestine. Also represented is coverage of five presidents as a member of the White House Press Corps; extraordinary portraits of Bobby Kennedy interacting with an adoring public in Indianapolis shortly before his assassination in 1968; and intimate portraits of Jim’s mother during her struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Photograph: 1967 Detroit Riots when the National Guard and the U.S Army’s 82nd Airborne had to be dispatched by the president to quiet the rioting

Jim Hubbord Detroit Riots 1967

From Jim:

I am attaching a photo that over 40 years later portends more scenes like this one on our urban streets. When our social fabric starts to wear thin and social contracts lose their hold, people become very upset over ideology, religion, crime, racism, economics, etc. LA Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez addressed these issues in his column recently based on a recent ABC/Yahoo News poll. He said “A recent survey’s finding’s suggest that our social glue has begun to lose its grip.” Another recent story said that the number one concern for all police chief’s in big cities is riots breaking out. Gee, I even feel unease in Venice.

Venice Arts Gallery
Opening reception: Sat., Oct. 2nd, 5-8pm Exhibit through November 30, 2010
1702 Lincoln Blvd
Venice CA 90291