After the Election


Ravi emailed this to me and I thought I would share it here. From Ravi:

It’s mid-afternoon Sunday and though the voting is not over and there are no results to report, I thought I’d put my 2 cents in and throw out a few suggestions for going forward. Whoever prevails, I don’t think that we should let the energy displayed here dissipate. We have maybe won or lost the election, but, we have definitely raised the awareness of a lot of people. So, what now? Do we drop off the site and go our own ways, again, or do we stay involved?

LINE 1.jpg

Whatever the election does, Venice still needs our energy and opinions. To wit, there are quite a few committees that could use fresh thought and energy. They cover every aspect of our political entity and affect our daily lives. We all seem to have strong and valuable opinions on what should be done here. The committees are our vehicle for input and change. Whatever your particular passion, put it to work. I promise that I will join at least one in the next few weeks, after things settle out. Who else will? This is our town and our voice, lets support it.

Even if your side loses, recent events have shown nationally, that the group out of power still has great influence on the direction of those currently in power. So, win or lose, we can make our voices heard. Go to the VNC site, click on “committees” and see what grabs you. Are you willing to put your energy where your mouth is?

The same goes for the Beachhead. If you don’t agree with their position, let them know. There are some good writers on this site. Share your thoughts with the Beachhead, and let us know. If they don’t publish them, I’d be disappointed. But, we can bring our letter writing skills to bear. It doesn’t need to be a one sided opinion paper, I just don’t think the other side (our side) tries to participate. Let’s make is a discussion not an advocate.

So, win or lose, don’t drop out. Please.