Dog Found on Superba/Oakwood on 7/5/09


Found Dog!

Does anyone know this dog?  She was found on Oakwood and Superba by a Yo! Venice reader, Marcy, who emailed us:

“We found a dog in the Oakwood neighborhood near Superba and Oakwood.  She was running very fast all around the neighborhood towards Venice Blvd.  She suddenly stopped and curled up into a ball on the sidewalk.  I approached her to see if she was hurt and she let me pet her.  I picked her up and brought her to my apartment…She is very sweet, no collar, no tags.  She is VERY skinny.  She looks like a terrier mix, we’re not really sure what breed she is. “

If you know this dog or want to help foster her until her owner or a new owner can be found, please email us at [email protected]  Marcy can’t keep her and doesn’t want to have to bring her to a shelter, so if anyone can help, please let us know ASAP!