Neighbors & their kitty need help after a fire…


Kyle & Jess work in Venice and they were living in Brentwood until their apartment had a fire a month ago. They have since moved here (off of Washington, near Costco) with their still-recovering kitty, Doakes – and I would like to share their story with our Yo! Venice peeps…

About a month ago, a kitty was brought to the animal hospital where I work – Doakes had survived an apartment fire and was missing for 24 hours before neighbors found him and rushed him to us. He was severely burned – 3rd and 4th degree burns on his feet, legs, and face. His owners came immediately – I can’t imagine what they were going through – to lose everything in a fire, think your cat has died (their other cat did die in the fire), learn he’s alive, and rush to the hospital to see him in such an awful condition and in need of immediate and advanced medical care.


During his 3 week hospitalization, Doakes needed surgery for a ruptured bladder which he sustained after jumping off the burning 2nd floor balcony, he went into respiratory & cardiac arrest and was resuscitated with CPR, and he underwent daily painful bandage changes on all 4 legs and wound care for his burned face & eyes. In veterinary medicine, we all have certain cases that hit us in the heart and cause us to become very attached to a patient – Doakes hit everyone that way – he was so brave, so sweet, and very patient during his long healing process.

I am happy to report that Doakes is doing remarkably well at home – he still has bandages on his feet but they are healing nicely. His fur is growing back on his feet and face, his beautiful bright green eyes are healed, we weren’t sure if he’d grow his whiskers back, but they are coming in too.


When Doakes’ was discharged from the hospital, I started going to his new home to do house-calls and take care of his still-healing burns. I got to know his owners, Kyle and Jess (they also visited Doakes at the hospital every day) – and their story just breaks my heart. When I asked Kyle if they were able to salvage anything from their apartment fire, he just pointed to Doakes. These guys lost everything, including their other cat, Doakes’ buddy Riggs. When I say they had nothing left – I went to the first housecall at their new apartment, it was empty except for a new dog play-pen for Doakes to stay in and an air mattress. They didn’t have a bowl for me mix Doakes’ food in (he had a feeding tube).

Friends made a Facebook for Doakes and started asking for donations for his medical bills to be made directly to our animal hospital – the simple generosity of even small donations really helped relieve some of the enormous toll this fire has taken on such lovely and sweet people. (but the outstanding bill is still daunting to say the least).

Their friends will also be hosting a fundraising event for Kyle, Jess, and Doakes on July 14th in Studio City.

I know that in this current economy, job market, housing market, etc…most of us have become more conservative with our budgets – but when someone needs help, any small gesture means a great deal. If you’d like to donate anything to help Jess, Kyle, and Doakes – whether it’s money or household stuff or pet supplies – it would be such a nice way to welcome them to their new home in our ‘hood. (btw – they have not asked for donations themselves or even asked the hospital for a discount on services – they are so humble and grateful that anyone would help them.)

Donations for Doakes’ hospital bills can be made to: VCA West LA Animal Hospital. 1818 South Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025; 310-473-2951.

If you’d like make any non-monetary donations, email me and I’ll arrange it with them: [email protected]

July 14th Fundraiser:

Join us Tuesday July 14th starting at 7 p.m., for a fun night of and a good cause at Clear Lounge in Studio City. The evening will be packed full of great raffle prizes, a silent auction featuring a Simpsons script signed by the whole cast, beautiful photo prints of your favorite stars and musicians, voucher for haircut and color among many other things.

Performances by Hollywoods top comedians and a DJ spinning all night will be sure to keep you entertained.

Cover is $10 at the door and all door, raffle and auction proceeds go will go to Jessica and Kyle to help them rebuild and pay Doakes’ vet bill. Visit: for more information.

Clear lounge
11916 ventura blvd studio city ca 91604

July 14 tues
Doors open @ 7

Opportunity for Kyle and Jess to say thanks to everyone for all of their support, and to raise money to help get them back on their feet and pay for Doakes’ vet bills.

Silent auction, raffle, music, dj, and comedy acts.
Valet parking @ laural tavern, wine bistro or st parking.