Best Breakfast…Cafe Buna


This morning, I was craving french toast.

Normally, I like simple soggy french toast – but the crunchy goodness of the granola-encrusted french toast at Cafe Buna is too good to resist sometimes.  (Even with 26 Beach right across the street with its 37 variations of french toast.)

My only complaint is that their coffee is too strong, but that’s my own issue.  (I take my coffee weak…like my men.)   You can’t see in this picture that there were 7 empty half-n-halfs behind my mug.  And they did nothing other than make the coffee a lighter color.

Ok, now I have craving for the movie Airplane!.

Granola French Toast at Cafe Buna

Cafe Buna
3105 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA
(310) 823-2430



  1. One of the more underrated breakfasts around. Their OJ is top notch and the service is always great.