Bye Bye Meditrina


One of our readers, Matt, recently sent us an email lamenting the sudden and unexpected closure of Meditrina – one of OUR favorite lunch spots on Abbot Kinney Blvd.


Matt said:

I just wanted to report that Meditrina Cafe on Abbot Kinney has suddenly closed! There is a note posted on the door thanking everyone for the business, what a shame! =(

They had the best, cleanest and coolest breakfast/brunch around! I loved the Juan Carlos Breakfast Burrito as well as many other items on the menu. Attention to detail for sure as everything they made was quality. The back patio was always super relaxed and quiet with a nice garden in close view. The staff were always fast, friendly and attentive. It was such a great atmosphere all around. This restaurant was a rare gem in the weekend brunch hunt and it will surely be missed.

Check out some of the reviews on Yelp:

Pictures attached, and please try to also include the burrito shot…i just loved that damn burrito! LOL

We’re with you, Matt – it’s a real shame.  There’s been some discussion about this on the Yo! Venice Forum for a few weeks.

Ah the burrito…it does look pretty damn good!  (Matt had the foresight to take a pic before he dug in – something Bret and I usually forget to do until only the pig piece is left.)

Juan Carlos Breakfast Burrito