Tacos – the other Korean food



You guys beat me to the taekwondo punch in the forum – serves me right for having a day job!

On my way home from the new AK last week (another post I have to get to!), I saw the Kogi Korean Taco Truck outside of the Brig and met the guys running it. Looks like the hot dog truck outside of the Otheroom has some fierce competition!

This is the lovely email I received from the Kogi people:

Hi Keri!

It was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday infront of The Brig. By the way I love your blog. It is a website that brings all people in Venice together. Now I’ll be able to visit Venice without running around looking for places. As we spoke about, our Korean Taco Truck, KOGI, will be infront of The Brig Friday and Saturday. We also will be stopping by on Tuesdays from next week. I would love for you to come by and taste our Vegan Special. You’ll fall in love with it.
Please let me know when you may be able to stop by, and also if you put a posting on your website and bring a few people, it will definitely be a great time.

Steve Yoo

I also told Steve about Wednesdays being Bubble Lounge at The Brig – might be a good night for the taco truck AND the hot dog truck.  (wink)

It’s the Abbot Kinney Holiday Walk tonight – during which I’ll be stopping by Kogi to fall in love with the Vegan Special.



  1. I read about Kogi earlier yesterday afternoon and made certain to try their fare. Sampled all 4 types of tacos and the Kimchi Quesadilla Special (genius!!!). The Tofu Taco tops my favorites list, and this is coming from a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore.

  2. I had the spicy pork last night and the chicken.

    These are GREAT tacos.

    I’ve been thinking about them all day. The sesame taste is fantastic.