Stubby Crayons Needed!


Rabbit Kinney Colorig Book.jpg

The Eco Gift Festival is next weekend at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium…you can find info about it here and not here…since it’s in Santa Monica…and not Venice.  We are inconsistently stingy, I know.

Anyway…what I really want to post about is that our local biz Rabbit Kinney will be at the Eco Gift Show conducting a Crayon Drive:

Rabbit Kinney, the adorable bunny featured as part of a sustainable clothing line for children and women needs your help. Rabbit Kinney will be conducting a crayon drive to collect old stubs for recycling at the Eco Gift Festival this December 12-14 (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium). Donate your old crayons at the Festival and become eligible to win $75 worth of Rabbit Kinney items!

Rabbit Kinney is excited to be featured at the Eco Gift Show At this very special event, all Rabbit Kinney Merchandise will be on sale for 15% off.

Go Green with Rabbit Kinney and make a difference. “Collecting old crayons to recycle has generated quite a lot of excitement”, exclaims Jean Kim, creator of Rabbit Kinney. “Schools as well as individual people have contacted Rabbit Kinney concerning the Recycled Crayon Drive”. So bring your old crayons to the Eco Gift Show, you can help the earth while saving money and you may be one of the lucky winners…and go home with some Rabbit Kinney merchandise.

I’m happy that the crayon stubs of the world can feel important again, instead of remaining forgotten at the bottom of the crayon tin along with a paperclip and some pennies…their wrapper identities long gone…is this blue-green or green-blue?…and the poor white crayon stub…always covered in the colored waxy chips of his brothers…

Sorry – got lost there for a minute.  I’m back.  So dig deep into the crayon tin and bring your stubs to the Eco Gift Festival next weekend.  And say hi to Rabbit Kinney’s Jean Kim!