Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade 2008



The Annual Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade will be on Sunday, December 14th from 4-8pm.

“Join all the fun at the Venice Canals as this creative image of Italy expresses their holiday spirit with a brilliantly lit display of small boats, canoes, kayaks and costumes. 4 p.m. From Washington Boulevard (in the Venice Beach vicinity), one way turn onto Dell Ave. Canals are along Dell Ave.”

Check out Bret’s photos from last year’s parade.



  1. […] It takes a special kind of person to live in a thin, tall house whose front yard is a sidewalk and a duck-filled waterway, and that kind of person also often has a quirky eye for design.  A stroll through the canals at sunset allows you to peer into the front windows and see what they live like inside.  During the holidays the residents dress up their little boats and canoes for a holiday boat parade. […]