Stronghold Sample Sale this weekend


Bill Sack, GM of The Stronghold, tells us that they’re holding a sample sale in their Abbot Kinney store this weekend. (Dec. 5-7)

Their all-selvage denim will be discounted up to 75% off their retail price of $285 – which means $71 and up for jeans that are considered THE classic American jeans.  Even though I’m a “t-shirt & jeans girl”,  I haven’t been to Stronghold because I’m afraid they’ll be so fantastic that, in a jean-loving trance, I’ll plunk down a fortune to have them custom made.  But at $71 for ready-to-wear, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Before (some of) you go posting comments about snobbish elitist abbot kinney blvd white liberal whatever, read what our friends at Thrillist have to say about Stronghold Jeans – which, btw, couldn’t be more “native LA”, AND they were worn by none other than sometime-Venice-resident and Venice-location filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.  So there.