Alligators in Venice?



Fox news reports that a 3-foot ALLIGATOR was found on 4th and Rose this morning at about 1:30am, wandering around a front yard.  Obviously, it was stumbling home from The Otheroom (isn’t that where most slithering reptiles hang out these days?  kidding!)

The LAPD thinks it must have been a pet that got loose.  Fox report that “It is illegal to have an alligator without a permit.”  Uhhh….  I remember 10 years ago when dogs were not allowed on the boardwalk between 10am-5pm.   Now we can have alligators?  WTF?  This makes the Fences & Hedges War seem (a) more silly and unimportant, and (b) like a total WIN for the high fence supporters.

One of our readers, Erika, told us about this story – and I’m with her: “If this won’t get your paranoia running out of control – not much will. – Erika”  I’m thinking of all the horrible childhood urban legends my brother told me – like if I flush my pet newt but it’s not actually dead, it will live in the sewer and grow into a 10-foot alligator!  Right now, some little kid in Venice is thinking “oh crap!  Newtie!”

(Thanks, Erika!)