Yo! Venice has a new mural!


Yo Venice reader Boise submitted this story by email. Thanks Boise!

Yo! Venice… has a new mural

While walking down the street to grab some expensive lunch (whilst running late as a result of bumping into 4 people I haven’t seen in a while at the new Whole Foods)… I snapped this shot of Venice’s newest mural.

It’s on the back of the building formerly home to Big Lots and CVS. It took me about 3 seconds to figure out what the hell the guy was painting up there and then it hit me. Well done, Whole Foods. I am glad to see my paychex are going to good use and you are jumping into the fun of our fair city by using your walls to create some art. Kudos as well to whomever thought up putting the store name in graffiti type lettering on the staff name tags. While this new marketplace has been described to me most recently as ‘the boardwalk/strand without the drunks or the smell’ it is interesting to run into everyone in town under one roof. And we also are happy they added three new bike racks for parking as there is never enough places to lock up when you go there. Keep biking, walking and spreading your money around locally people and take pictures of art you see on buildings in town and post them up here. Yo! Venice… I love you.