N’ice Cream Grand Opening Today on Abbot Kinney


N'ice Cream Grand Opening

We stopped by the new N’ice Cream Gelato and Sorbet shop this week to meet the owners – Christian and Laura, from Denmark.   They seem like a very cool & down-to-earth couple – definitely fitting in to the Venice vibe.  They made it very clear that they are NOT a chain business, in fact, they told us that when the company started to head in that direction (franchising), they stepped back and decided that they would rather open a single location in Venice and run it like a mom & pop.  They also have already made arrangements to work with local charities – seems to be a trend with new businesses but one that we hope becomes the norm.

They make their gelato and sorbet fresh every day – with new flavors offered (whenever inspiration strikes) and a flavor-of-the-day, to be noted on a blackboard outside.  Through a window to the kitchen, you’ll be able to see Christian making the day’s products while Laura greets you in the front.

N'ice Cream

As we stood outside, chatting with Christian and Laura, we obviously couldn’t ignore the fact that they are neighbors with Pinkberry.  They were nothing but gracious about their neighbor – taking the attitude of non-competition:  They are offering a different product to appeal to customers who may not like frozen yogurt. (Abbot’s Habit and Abbot’s Pizza Co. both serve food, but they co-exist nicely just across the street.)  The words were still exiting Christian’s mouth when a mother and her 2 children walked by – Laura bent down to hand the daughter the red "Grand Opening" postcard, who, after being told it was for gelato and not Pinkberry, actually starting jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face.  Her mother cannot get her to go to Pinkberry because she loves gelato.   Case in point.

Get your free gelato today from noon-4pm and welcome Christian and Laura!

N’ice Cream
1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice CA

N'ice Cream on Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice



  1. Delicious gelato + a fast-moving line (despite the fact that it was really long) + lovely conversation with the owners = a place I will definitely go back to, and I’ll be bringing friends.

  2. This place is awesome and yummy! Pinkberry should have never made it into the neighborhood (it is a chain and was voted against being let in by the neighborhood council for that explicit reason).
    Its nice to have a small, owner operated ince cream treat place to walk to in the neighborhood! NICE!

  3. Apparently Nice Cream had it’s grand re-closing yesterday. I was all psyched up for some tasty gelato and instead found a sign telling me to come back after Thursday. Dooood. Not cool.

    So I HAD to buy a pint of B&J’s at the liquor store next door instead. No alternative.

  4. Hey Leila .. and the rest of Venice

    We were SO happy to see so many of you on saturday and sunday, and we can’t wait to re-open. The fact is that we really wanted to complete all those small things that makes the shop cozy to sit in.. but, why don’t you come by on friday, have a free gelato on us.. once again.. and this time.. we promise to stay open..

    Kind regards

    Christian from N’iceCream

  5. I wish I had found this thread an hour earlier! I just walked over to the shop this afternoon to find it closed. Glad to hear it’s reopening though…

    I’ll be back tomorrow!

  6. I love gelato….gelato and banana Italian ice is one of the best combos in the world. Almost as good as PB & J

  7. Hey Liezl.. No no no .. not tomorrow.. friday 🙂 from noon to four… or after that for that matter… then it is just not free anymore. We can’t wait to see you all again.


  8. Sounds yummy, can’t wait to check it out! Christian, you might want to consider changing your website, it says “coming to a city near you soon,” which make it sound like a franchise and if I recall correctly from the article you decided against that path. I’m all for the mom and pop shop, so I hope you stay that way! Best of luck!

  9. Deanna – that’s why I was confused at first and thought it was going to be a franchise. Christian and Laura told me that they weren’t sure they were going to be able to open in Venice, so that’s why they wrote “coming to a city near you soon.” In case Venice didn’t work out. They should change it now though. I’m sure Fix Website is soon after “Finish Store” on their to-do list.

  10. Thanks for the clarification Christian, guess I was just eager for some ice cream. I’ll definitely stop by tomorrow for a scoop.