“Official” Beach Rapes Update…


Police Station on Venice Beach

Ok…here is the unofficial "official" update on the rapes at the beach situation :

There is an active police investigation underway.  They have a good description of the suspect.  I promised I would not quote anyone on this, so unfortunately, that’s as specific as I can officially be.  They are on the case!

But…let’s say…for example…you’re a chick and some dude picks you up at a bar or the beach or otherwise approaches you and he happens to have a black limosine outside – which may not seem unusual considering that he has identified himself as a professional athlete – don’t get in the limo!  In fact, call 911.  If that exact hypothetical situation occurs.

Seriously, ladies – what, are we new?  Never get into the car of a man you just met – no matter what occupation he claims to have or what car he is driving!  Even if he IS an actor or an athlete or musician – like those guys never rape anyone?  (I was going to link to an article but there are too many to chose from – google "athletes, rape" yourself.)  NOT that I think doing so makes it the victim’s fault – that’s not what I’m saying.  We just need to be smart about situations we put ourselves in and not get all star-struck.

And while we’re on the subject of crime in Venice…

I was wondering if and how my fellow Venice residents deal with crime in their neighborhood.  I was surprised, but not surprised, to see all the crime dots on the LAPD crimemap for Venice.  Yes, I know this is Venice (which is why I wasn’t surprised).  But I was more struck by the fact that no one really seems to talk about it, alert each other, or even know about crimes happening on their own street!   And if they do – they seem to just ignore it. "It’s Venice." How many times do you see helicopters overhead with search lights and not know what’s going on or ever find out afterwards?  I know I’m not the only one who imagines that a knife-weilding maniac is jumping from yard to yard and will be in my yard any minute.  (that actually happened to my family when I was a kid – so it’s not so far-fetched actually.) I see neighborhood watch signs all around but have never been approached by a neighbor who does any watching – so I don’t know if such a system exists on my street.  Ok so the point I’m making is this:  Crime is not OK, even in Venice.  Are we turning a blind-eye?  Could we be doing more to protect ourselves and our neighbors?  Is it a matter of just calling 911 when you see that crack is being dealt on your corner?  Would a online Venice Police Blotter help keep us informed and aware, maybe even angry and fed up?  Let’s stop bashing our friend Esperanza and discuss…



  1. Venice has lost much of it’s “community”. There was a time not so long ago that I knew one person on every street. More and more newcomers and pushed out artists, later I find myself in the company of strangers. No one talks ’cause no one knows each other any more.

  2. There is a venice mom’s yahoo group that talks about crime sometimes. I have a yahoo group for my street in Mar Vista. Where we keep one another up on all issues in our hood. I highly recommend it. Like g$ meet your neighbors!!!