Venice Beach Wines RE-opening on Rose this week


Deli Counter at Venice Beach Wines

Venice Beach Wines , awesome wine shop and "artisanal deli", will be re-opening up on Rose Avenue by the end of the week! We stopped by yesterday (first "customers" to enter after the paper was taken off the windows) – and we can’t wait for it to be open. The outside seating area is perfect for sipping wine and enjoying some of their cheeses, meats, salads, sandwiches, homemade olives and pickles, and breads.Β  Their wine selections are interesting, approachable, and reasonably priced.

Owned and operated by dedicated long-time Venice residents, Venice Beach Wines is more than just a local wine shop. "We are not only a small, approachable boutique wine store and artisan deli, but a part of the community as a whole. You will see us at Neighborhood Council sessions, fundraisers, charity events and private parties. We hold Venice close to our hearts, and continue to maintain strong ties within our unique beach township."

Wines, Beer, Sake at Venice Beach Wines

Venice Beach Wines Outdoor Seating Area

Venice Beach Wines
529 Rose Ave, Venice CA



  1. I wish them the BEST of luck as I do the owners of Elvino! IF we want to stop seeing small businesses in this area closing up (being a victim myself) let’s make sure to show support for brave and enterprising business people in the area! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to check it out!


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  9. I don’t know about any of you, but all this arguing is making me thristy for vino. I know the people at Venice Beach Wines and they are not pretentious. The owner is a Mexican from La Puente who just loves wine and food and is making something of himself….so, Esperanza chill out, the store is a little mom and pop shop with soul. Peace

  10. I concur.
    Venice wines posse rock the house. This store needs to be supported.
    IN truth, Esperanza, wine is simply a fermented fruit drink from 6000 BC ( & 4500BC in Europe), like beer it is merely an alcoholic beverage that tastes good, and adds to the beauty of life.
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  11. venice beach wines rocks!
    i’ve been anxiously waiting the reopening.
    i know the owners & they are super awesome, knowledgeable & the least pretentious people i’ve ever met.
    i thank them for building a little gem in our community.

    if you’ve never been to a wine shop or have had bad experiences in the past or simply enjoy buying wine from cool locals this is the shop for you!

    see you guys soon, better have my wine ready πŸ˜‰

    are those hot girls that work there still around?

  12. Esperanzan, this is oscar, the owner of venice beach wines. I did social work for af years, left to pursue my passion. When wuz the last time u did something positive for yourself and others. In george clinton’s most simple observation of ur type: “free your mind and let ur ass follow, before u drown in your own shit”. Ur not that radical, just angry, come by someday, we can talk politics all day. Peace

  13. Yay, I’m so glad VBW is back! I went a few times when they first opened last year sometime, and everyone was super friendly. I will happily come visit Oscar and his staff. And thanks to Yo! Venice for the fantastic job they do at posting great things about great neighborhood.

  14. It is baffling that this little article is written without the word “reopening” anywhere in it. They totally existed before! I don’t know what the story is, why they were all papered up for a while, but that’s certainly more interesting than “just opened.”

  15. Baffling, huh? Well I stopped by twice while they were building the place out, talked to them at length, and many emails back and forth – they never mentioned (nor does their website mention) that they were REopening. Now that I know this, certain phrases on their site do vaguely indicate that they were once a small store – but if you didn’t know they were there before, you could easily miss those phrases.

    Sorry to baffle – I can only write what I know about or am told about. I’ll fix the post – thanks for letting us know.

  16. YEEE HAAA! welcome back VW, I have been waiting for this place to reopen, sick of buying my wines at whole foods! this place has great wines, great prices and amazing people. Psyched to hang out outside and watch the rest of the world go by with a nice glass of vino and thier incredible cheese… Really missed this place and the owners!

  17. Hooray! Finally!! I’ve long whined about the lack in availability (convenient to my home in Venice by bike that is) of great wines, priced well. There seemed to be an abundance of shit wines priced high at local liquor stores and supermarkets. I marvelled at how cheap Australian wines were in stores here (because they seemed to export only Australia’s shittest). But then I stumbled into this place some time last year and was over the moon! I bought an Australian Zinfandel that blew my mind for a mere 15 bucks – or something of the like – and was told by whoever was serving at the counter that one of the partners in the business is Australian. Is this true Oscar?

    Anyway, so pleased to have you back. Can’t believe I just climbed back up onto the wagon Sunday πŸ™ .

    That’s alright, my husband (also Australian) will drink enough for both of us.

  18. I went to this shop about 6+ months ago or more as my housemate and I were shopping for a case of white wine for a BBQ. The owner was closing up but stayed to help us out. My housemate said he wanted to spend about $10 per bottle and not only did the owner pick GREAT wines, he gave us a discount. He was so friendly we invited him to the BBQ. I don’t remember if he was closing the shop because of the license or because of renovations to the space but based on the pictures, the outdoor area has improved. I am uber excited that he’s back open, thanks for the heads up Yo Venice! And I doubt he sells ‘Tab’ water. Side note: someone IS bottling tap water in NYC…