Stroh’s is closing. You read that right.


Stroh's Gourmet Abbott Kinney Blvd Venice Beach

Stroh’s Gourmet is closing tomorrow.  For good.  WTF?  We hear "a woman who will do a macrobiotic thing" will be taking its place.  We don’t know Jason (of Stroh’s) personally, but we wish him all the best in whatever he is doing next.

Another closed business. This sucks.  Some might think it’s karma because there are those in Venice that feel some stores on Abbot Kinney are too expensive and that they forced out other businesses & families.   But here is what sends a chill down my spine – in this economy with banks going under and mortgages becoming more elusive, WHAT businesses are going to be able to replace the ones we are losing?  The property owners need to pay their bills too.   You know what I’m saying



  1. Terrible news. The soul of the street is soon to be *entirely* gone. A Banana Republic can only be moments away…

  2. Or maybe just a deli. You know with Boar’s Head cold cuts, beer, potato salad that doesn’t have raisins in it, a counter staff that’s FAST… that’d be cool.

  3. As much as I enjoyed their coffee, what I did NOT enjoy were the skeevy old guys who used to hang out in the front. You know, the guys in their 40’s trying to be all in their 20’s with their dogs and skateboards? I finally quit going there because they wouldn’t leave me alone.

  4. Jason has been quietly entertaining bids on the business for the past few months, as he really wasn’t into the whole thing anymore-or so I hear, since a few of the bids happened to be quite close to my ears…

    I wouldn’t worry about a corporate overthrow, or another business shenanigans, as the landlord is Nancy Silverton. If macrobiotic is the word, than we should all be stoked to have more great food on the street. In fact, instead of gripey pessimism (Mr Genitals) put your time into doing something positive-Like maybe trying to get to know the new owners and welcoming them to the neighborhood. In fact maybe they are already your neighbors, neighbor…Best of Luck to Jason Stroh.

  5. Had been kind of obvious that this was coming for a while as the inventory of items in the store had gotten very slim over the last several months. The once wonderful deli display of cheeses had grown very empty. Sorry to see it gone. Best of luck to Jason as he moves on to his next adventure.

  6. Wow, a neighborhood institution shuttered. I will miss Stroh’s… where will I get my loaded oatmeal?
    Best of luck to Jason!!!!!

  7. An institution on the street and wonderful despite what ANY naysayers have to say! Can’t wait to see and support what Jason does next!

  8. The guys who work at Stroh’s are rude surfer bro’s who have no idea what “customer service” means. I used to be a loyal customer, but then started getting charged different prices for the same food. When I questioned it, I got nothing but attitude. I say good riddance.

  9. Sometimes a little attitude is what Venice is about. I dont know what I’d do if Abbots actually got my order right for once; it would totally throw off my day.
    Sure the guys at Stroh’s were kind of surfer slacker and cheeky, but you know, so what? That was there thing. I think a macrobiotic restaurant sounds totally annoying and very weho/ palisades …
    Yuck, whats next? Montana moms in juicy sweats hanging out in said macrobiotic restaurant? Mark my words people. It’s coming. Blech!

  10. I am sure the macrobiotic place will be awesome for $15.67 breakfasts, but sometimes I just want I dunno….lunch meat…a soda, with high fructose…..

    I will probably eat at the new place a bunch but I really want some place to sell me on their food not their beliefs. If you tell me this delicious sandwich is good for me and the planet, awesome! I will eat the shit out of it and order more…. but if you tell me this mediocre $9 dollar sandwich right spins my stomach molecules and aligns my chakras then you can shove your soy glazed bean sprouts and fennel on artisan bread sandwich up your ass.

    Please note, having said all that…. I will probably eat there a lot.