Rapes or Rumors? Update!


UPDATE: The LAPD crime map indicates 2 rapes during the last week of August at the beach.  The first was on August 28th at 4pm by Oceanfront and Clubhouse.  The other was on August 29th at 2:30am on Oceanfront near Washington.  Two rapes within 10 hours of each other!  Thanks to the sender of the original email warning women about these attacks!

There’s an email circulating since yesterday, warning women in the area to be careful walking to/from/between the Townhouse and James Beach at night – the email claims there have been some attacks.  (the email is below)

Pacific and Windward, Venice Beach California

We could not find any mention of these attacks – LAPD website, any of the news websites, any of the women’s non-profit sites or local political sites.  So we called the police.  They haven’t heard anything about women getting attacked in Venice in the past few weeks – but there is the possibility that it’s not being reported.  Well, it’s getting reported in a bunch of emails so how is it that no one has told the police or filed a report?  Is this even true?

We are going to talk to both the Townhouse and James Beach in a few hours when they are open and ask if they’ve heard anything about attacks occurring.  We’re also going to head down to the police station at the beach to talk to them about it and find out if and how they patrol the beach at night.

In the meantime, it’s just common sense that NO ONE should walk alone at night, whether they’ve been drinking or not.

We hope that this is just a rumor and that no woman has been the victim of a vicious rape or beating while trying to enjoy a night out in Venice.  If you or someone you know has been attacked, please go to the police with this information!   This blog post and the email are not enough to protect other women!

The email:

So, my co-worker just told me that there have been some rapes with beatings happening the past 2 weeks in Venice. They think it’s related to gang initiation, however, we need to pay attention because it’s happening around where we go out! Apparently 3 of the attacks have occurred in between the Town House and James Beach. Drunk women were walking in between the 2 bars, and or home alone from those bars, and were attacked. They attack there because they can “drag” the women to the beach where no one can hear anything. Even if you are going to your car, please get an escort or go out with a friend. If you are around there, or ANYWHERE, for that matter, at night after some cocktails, YOU MUST NOT WALK ALONE. We all feel brave and invincible, but it is not a risk we should be taking



  1. Seems unlikely but generally not wise to be walking alone in the first place. Doesn’t seem like there’s any kind of ulterior motive here (other than perhaps scaring people away from James Beach).

  2. it’s always a good idea NOT to walk around alone, but I think that applies to any area. but damn. i looked up my address on that lapd site and there were a whole bunch of cars stolen on my block. i wish i had never looked at that. oh well.

  3. Anon – you are right! I used Safari to check the crime map yesterday and today and it didn’t show that info. On Firefox, I can see that there were two rapes during the last week of August.

    August 29th at 2:30am (Oceanfront near Washington)

    August 28st at 4pm (Oceanfront and Clubhouse)