Coastal Cleanup Day This Saturday!


Coastal Cleanup Flyer

Heal the Bay is doing a Coastal Cleanup this Saturday, September 20th from 9am-noon.  Three hours of picking up trash to have a cleaner beach and ocean – doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

If you are a member of The Lek, they are organizing a group for "Lekking the Bay" .  Nothing says "ask me out" better than three sweaty hours of picking up sandy garbage.  I’m being serious!  Not afraid of getting messy, likes to work hard, loves the outdoors, does random acts of greenness – sounds like a good dating candidate to me!

There are three Venice Beach cleanup locations:

Venice Beach at Breakwater
2100 Ocean Front Walk & North Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

Venice Beach at Rose
Ocean Front Walk & Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291

Venice Beach Pier at Washington Blvd
3100 Ocean Front Walk and Washington Blvd.

For information, registration, and waiver forms – click here .

Time to make good on some past comments , yo.



  1. I’m seeing the signs for this event duck taped to walls and poles all over the place down here. I hope that when the event is over someone is assigned to take them down and properly dispose of them (recycle). I mean it would be a shame but not surprising if they became litter and ended up in…the ocean.
    Also, the posters list by name various sponsors of the event. Again, it’s ironic how the sponsors products often become the refuse on the beach and in the water. Things like wrappers and empty plastic bottles. By the way, I like Crystal Geyser water. It tastes good and it’s produced locally however buying water in a single use 8 or 12 oz container is a tremendous waste of resources.

  2. If you clueless liberal fags really wanted to keep the beach clean you would support anti-illegal immigration, since littering is the order of the day for these scumbag peasants, rather than welcome and pay for them with open arms. You would also drink tap water you fuckin pussies rather than bottled, which creates a huge problem of bottle trash all its own!