Brick Lane is closing. :(


We are sad that Brick Lane is closing – Amanda has been a great supporter of the Abbot Kinney retail district, active in events (First Fridays!), and a great supporter of Yo! Venice! since we started this blog.

She wanted us to let our readers know about her going-out-of-business sale – which includes furniture and decor items from the store.  (The phone booth has been sold already, btw.)

From now until September 28th, we have the opportunity to help a great store owner and ease the frustration of losing yet another small business to the ailing economy – stop in at Brick Lane and buy something!

Brick Lane
1132 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice CA

Brick Lane :(



  1. Of course it was going to close Sooner than later.. Selling Brit Tee-shirts at 6 x the price they are in London Stores. Glad they are going, maybe they will open a cheaper store not like the crap they were selling. Sorry..

  2. It is easy for those to criticize who have never tried. Kudos to Amanda for making a go of it on this street and bringing something new to Abbot Kinney. Brick Lane, a independant Venetian-owned business, will be missed.

  3. Local supporter is spot on…
    Amanda’s shop brought more to AKB than just clothes, she helped nurture the community.
    Brick Lane will be missed!

  4. Dear Me,

    While I believe in the 1st Amendment, I would like to say two things to you regarding your freedom of speech comment on “Me // Sep 18, 2008 at 8:48 pm”

    1) Quality over quantity (or shall we say $$). Brick Lane, Amanda and her wonderful employees brought quality to Venice and a unique quality at that.

    2) My freedom of speech to you is F-OFF. Ending your negative comment with “sorry…” doesn’t make you look any better as a human being. Me either with my comment, but someone had to say that to you.

    I wish Amanda all the best in whatever direction she chooses to take in life and applaud her for bringing a wonderful store to AK, and enriching us with her individually as a wonderful person and entrepreneur.


  5. We are really sorry for Brick Lane and Amanda. The store was an unique concept here in Venice. We can even say in LA…
    Amanda is not only a great business owner but a wonderful person that dedicates herself to her friends, neighbors and community. We’re going to miss you.
    Toutes nos amitiés à Amanda

  6. So sorry to hear this! Amanda thanks for bringing a bit fun/class to the street. Wish you were not leaving! Good luck in what ever new venture you are going for. I will miss you as I am sure others will as well.

  7. Dear “Me”-
    Honestly, on a street with $400 sweaters, you take umbrage with the price of $30-50 t-shirts? I have to laugh at you–when has anyone bout a tee shirt in London for less than 15 quid? But since you are so international as to profess knowing the price of clothes in England, you should know something about import tax, landed shipping, and the rate of exchange factoring into how much an item costs? No? probably not since you want a crappy .99 cent store on one of the few streets in LA that hasn’t been turned into a scuzzy strip mall. Whatever, “ME”. Put a sock in it.

    Amanda put her heart & soul into that store and the neighborhood. Thanks to her for all she has done and good luck on her next venture.

  8. Wow! What a suprise, another clueless, probably lib idiot, thought they could make $ selling overpriced crap with super high rent in a lil shack!

  9. You stupid mind fogged artsy libs have no business running a business, get it, a pun. Now, put down the pipe and go bang your drums and fuck off

  10. I’m sorry to see Amanda go, she did a lot for the community and always had a nice smile on her face doing so. I am sure she will move on to something wonderful.

  11. Esperanza, why would you bid someone such awful wishes when you obviously don’t know them. Amanda is not stupid, clueless, nor a drummer. You should think about changing your name to whatever the Spanish word for dumb ass is, and spend a bit more time honing that *razor sharp* wit of yours instead of publishing vitriolic generalizations on a thread just meant to thank her for her contributions. *sigh* these people, really.

  12. Amanda was the reason I came to L.A. She put me in movies here- and has overcome tremendous struggles to build a life and a community. While it’s easy to comment on things cavalierly, one must remember that lives and dreams are interwoven with businesses. This is the concept that our national and global economy is based on. Each time a store shutters or a home forecloses it makes me think “what more could have been done to support the economy in which I live?” This is perhaps, a liberal concept, but it is compassionate- and so is feeling sorry that Amanda Dougan’s creativity will not be showcased at 1132 in the near future. Wherever you go Amanda, Thanks. We wish you well. Cheers, mate. Gerry

  13. Wow Esperanza! You must be a miserable person with an exorbitant amount of free time.

    Maybe if you were a little nicer you would make some friends (your computer doesn’t count) develop a social life. Then you could spend your time doing fun things instead of wasting it on kicking strangers when they’re down from behind the shield of your computer (ballsy!).

  14. i’m a personal friend of amanda’s (who does not live in LA) and finally got to see brick lane in may when i was out visiting family…

    first, what a great store and a great community (um, for the most part…) – i thought her so lucky to be able to give her concept a shot! i’m sad that she has to close her doors, but am incredibly proud of her for finding a passion & following the path it provided. i’m glad, too, to see that she has touched so many of those around her with her style and personality…as she always has with everyone she meets.

    to the angry, sarcastic fools posting slams at her on this site, you sadden me more than my old friend having to close the doors in her dream. you clearly have no compassion, no understanding of what it means to put yourself (and your savings!!) out there for public dis/approval. it takes BALLS. big ones. no one needs to hear the insulting venom you are spewing for no apparent reason other than to add insult to injury…to a person you clearly have never met, (or you wouldn’t be ABLE to say such things!). you should be ashamed and embarrassed. if not, feel better knowing that *I* am ashamed and embarrassed for you! may you never have anything of importance in your heart and your life cease to exist…it’s not pleasant. but if you do, remember your words, and expect them back…what comes around, goes around.

    amanda and ALL of you business owners on abbott kinney and everywhere else…HURRAH for dreams and chasing them for better or worse!!!!! you’re what makes the world go ’round…

  15. i am so sad that amanda is shuttering her business. the concept was great, the staff was cheerful and i loved the selection of brit fashions. amanda is a doll and i wish her much success in her second act. there goes the neighborhood (i’ve lived here for 11 years)and lets pray another pinkberry or the like doesnt pop up in her place. amanda and brick lane are what venice is all about. good luck amanda, you’ll be missed!

  16. i loved that store. i could always get the coolest presents there. maybe some of it was expensive, but at least you weren’t going to see someone wearing the same thing you were wearing! Lots of unique pieces. also, amanda brought a vibe to the street and neighborhood that will be sorely missed. she is one groovy venice chick!

  17. Esperanza and Me,

    Would a Gap or some other store with no soul be better for you? Where’s your entrepreneurial spirit? Where’s your compassion for an individual trying to succeed in a country filled with WalMarts and Targets?

    Please don’t answer, just SUCK IT.

  18. To Esperanze and Me: My recommendation is that you both go buy a 99cent t-shirt, and then I think you can figure out what you should do with it (hint) – it has to do with an oral cavity.

  19. Amanda,
    I have known about this for a while and it saddens me that your store will be closing as I know the amount of hard work, passion and love you put into this. I will miss the chats with tea and the great clothes you sold. For me, that store made Abbot Kinney because of your lovely staff, your attitude, our friendship and our joint favors for our careers. You helped me out in so many ways and I always tried to offer my help. I really enjoyed our ‘buying’ trips in London and I congratulate you on creating a wonderful store and building it up from nothing. You deserve the praise and you are a very strong women for taking it all so bravely and in your stride. You sold fantastic clothes.. you know I loved them! That street will not be the same without BRICKLANE!! I vote you carry on the website store! Love Kris 🙂 x

  20. Brick Lane was always my favorite shopping experience in LA. Cool people and great clothes. Really sad to see it going.

  21. I met Amanda in London a few years ago when she was on a buying trip for her store. Sadly I never got to visit Brick Lane as I havent made any West Coast trips in the last few years. I was very sad to learn about its closing. I loved the idea and loved Amanda’s passion when I met her. To those 2 tragic individuals who posted here very negative remarks I have to say Shame on you you very nasty, bitter and I can only assume jealous people.
    Well done Amanda for having the courage to open your own business, well done to have achieved what you did. You will carry on being successful whatever your next project is I am sure of it.
    To the idiot who thinks she was selling items 6 x the price that they cost in London. You are clearly ignorant beyond belief. Do you know what we pay for these items in London? I doubt it as you sound like someone who has never even travelled outside your own neighbourhood you are so narrow minded. If you cant say something intelligent then do us all a favour and dont say anything.
    Best of Luck Amanda and I really do wish I had seen your store.

  22. The problem with all you FUZZY BRAINED, ARTSY, CLUELESS lib supporters of this is biz is that if the biz fits your PRETENTIOUS/LABEL/TRENDY “LOOK AT ME IN MY EXCLUSIVE SHIRT THAT YOU DON’T HAVE” MODEL then you support it, claiming let’s support the lil indep. biz owner. If it was Humberto’s Bail Bonds, Hank’s Engine Overhaul or Leroy’s Gator Shoes/Pimpin Style. YOU HYPOCRTICAL MOTHERFUCKERS WOULD BE PICKETING IN YOUR PRECIOUS LIL AK STREET. YOU PHONYCOCKSUCKERS!

  23. Helene, go fuck yourself. Yea, I’m jealous of a failed lil shack of a biz owner. I actually make money-a lot of it. You seem to personify what most of this country despises- rich, clueless lib FUZZY BRAINED IDIOT. Get the fuck out of our great country and go back to your own wannabe USA country you stupid CUNT (yes, I’ve been all over England- NOT IMPRESSED)

  24. So, Esperanza… What is it that you do for the world? How do you support yourself in our community? I’d love to know where the holier-than-thou attitude comes from…

  25. Andrew,

    Ha ha! You are SO tricky! I really did think you were some illiterate illegal who had just run across our border to spend all your lazy free time on this thread!!! You certainly had me FOOLED! I presume Esperanza would be your DRAG name then? Which do you prefer? Andranza?

    I for one would be more than pleased if someone can make a living as a small biz selling Pimp Shoes on AK–the items small biz owners sell don’t matter to me, and frankly I HAVE noticed a dearth of stylish footwear for people in the sex trade along AK. Thanks for bringing that up.

    However, I think you miss the point–the people on this thread I am sure are just as sad to see any business on AK close–how about Stroh’s closing? Are you all pissed off about them selling their fancy cold cuts, using imported mustards and throwing around their high-faluting DELI attitude?

    These biz owners are just people trying to get along with their American Dream–to be a success doing what they love–y’know, the people both our conservative & liberal leaders say this country is built upon? Even Sam Walton had a small business at one time.

    Anyway, I have to go slip on my hemp shoes to drive my Prius to an Obama rally with 4 cleaning ladies in the back seat. But, in the meantime? Don’t break your meds in half–take the WHOLE pill, silly rabbit.