Elvino Wine Shop Open! (finally!)


We just got back from visiting Elvino – the new and much anticipated Wine Shop & Tasting Bar that opened its doors today on Abbot Kinney Blvd.   Bart Miali has aggregated an interesting and unique selection of wines, with bottles you won’t find at your average wine store.

Elvino Wines Open!

And being a CWP (that’s Certified Wine Professional. Not Center for Watershed Protection , which is the first thing that comes up on Google), Bart knows everything about every bottle, all of which received multiples stars in his own wine notebook.  The Tasting Bar will have 3 or so bottles available during the week, more expanded wine tasting flights on the weekends.

Elvino Wines Open!

No gift of wine is complete without a gift bag and chocolates – which Elvino sells as well as wine accessories and books.

On Bart’s raving recommendation, we bought a 2006 Enkircher Ellergrub Riesling ($21) and a 2007 Chinon Rose from Charles Joguet ($26).  We’ll have to let you know if his taste matches ours when we finally try them.  What?  It’s 12:13 in the afternoon!  Ok fine…brb…

1:22pm:  he wasz rigjt.  dat guy nows hs wiine.

Elvino Wines
1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Elvino Wines Open!



  1. Went by there today and WOW with the selection of amazing but never heard of wines and for easy on the wallet prices … like let me buy three or four bottles prices. I tried the Puggiale Trebbiano Tuscano which I think is called a super tuscan white? and I’ve never tasted anything so wonderful, clean and smooth. And I don’t even like whites! They usually give me a splitting headache. But oh sooo wonderful this was. Phemon collection … purr-fect place to stop b/f a party or special dinner.