FreshBerry’s response to YoVenice


Yikes.  We received a letter from the attorney for FreshBerry Franchise System, LLC.  Here are the highlights:

"To Whom It May Concern…It has recently come to my client’s attention that your website,, featured a story last month regarding a frozen yogurt store in Venice, California doing business as ‘Fresh Berry Natural Frozen Yogurt’…The purpose of this letter is simply to notify you that [the yogurt store] doing business in Venice California is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with our client, nor is it otherwise operating as a franchise of FreshBerry…my client would also respectifully request that Yo! Venice! remove from its website any materials regarding the national FreshBerry franchise, including in particular the story titled ‘There’s a New EvilBerry on the Block, as well as the links to FreshBerry’s website…my client is not seeking to interfere with your right to post information…[they are] simply interested in preventing customer confusion and preserving its reputation and brand identity…"

As our readers are aware, we have a policy of not taking down unpopular posts or negative comments…but we also don’t want to dispense misinformation.  Since most of the post in question was a direct comparison between FreshBerry and PinkBerry, we have deleted the post.  As noted in that post, we attempted to call the FakeBerry (no answer) and visited their website to get more information but considered their contact form to be specific to opening a franchise.  In our response to their attorney, we will make some friendly suggestions regarding their contactability…and grovel humbly for their forgiveness, even though our post alerted them to this imposter.

So…we sincerely apologize to the FreshBerry Franchise System for calling them evil, and to you guys for the incorrect information.  If you see a Fresh Berry anywhere – stop on in, buy some of their delicious natural yogurt with yummy toppings, and tell them YoVenice says hi.

In the interest of not getting into any more trouble, this post will not feature a picture or graphic.  We don’t have a picture readily available of us getting spanked…well…not one that we’d like to share.

PS – there were some great comments on that old post, so we’ve kept them (attached to this post)



  1. It’s wierd. My office is about a block from there and I’ve never been to any place on the block. I hit Mao’s, the Market, and Danny’s Deli periodically…

    …but never anything on that block.

    I wonder why that is? Isn’t there a BBQ place over there? And a bar?

  2. Well, there’s Tattoo Asylum, Animal House, and the Townhouse bar – those have been there for a loooong time. Especially the Townhouse (1915!)

    Also, there’s a postcard/gift shop that’s been there for a long time as well. I have some vague recollection of hearing that the owner of that store is a pretty well-known Venice historian?

  3. yeah, there’s a bar there on speedway i believe with an outside patio. it seems like a perfect place to hang out on a perfect summer’s day and people watch…yet, i’ve never been there either. very, very odd.

  4. I should clarify:

    Not at “Evil Berry”… someplace else. Like the mysterious bar that’s been open since 1915 that I’ve never been to.

  5. Haha. You know, I think I saw a Freshberry opening up somewhere else in Los Angeles, I want to say somewhere in Miracle Mile or Mid-City. I must keep my eyes peeled.

  6. Emil, that “mysterious bar” used to be one of the best dive bars in venice, not any more. it’s hipster/trust fund hell at nights now. better left not visited

  7. Well this makes a bit more sense. I don’t know Freshberry, but I was surprised/confused when I went to Townhouse last Sunday and saw this place. I was thinking, why would Yo Venice even bother mentioning this yogurt place?

  8. yo! The townhouse is definitely hipster but not trust fund heavy….just ‘new Venice and old Vnice’ hipsters holding it down….Jack Johnson and Ben Harper were in there the night me and a few of my girld were in there…yum yum! …. I’ll be back…..does’nt smell like old Venice either yum yum….

  9. Are u kiddin’ me…..Townhouse is the spot…me and my girlfriend just moved here from NYC and love that spot…Ben and Jack were there same night as me too….crowd is nice …not scummy…u should try that Yo!mama…..

  10. You say the crowd is not Scummy.. Christ..what part of NYC are you from that you think the Townhouse is NOT scummy!! This bar is a laughing joke for locals that are NOT scum. You have some little mini me working as doorman, lol. The barstaff are retarded and the place stinks of piss. I am on the neighbors side on getting this shit hole closed down. ASAP.

  11. Ariel, are you really simple ?? The Bar on Speedway with the outside patio is called the “Patio” not really rocket science. It is a bar that local neighbors hang out at..NOT fo r you I would hazzard a guess.

  12. yeah, ‘local’ (poster 13) consdering that i live about 4 blocks south of there i am a local ‘neighbor’ as you so refer to it. just because i don’t take the time to read (or remember) the nondescript building or its signage as i pass by it frequently doesn’t make me simple. so, not so sure why i would ‘NOT’ be qualified enough to hang out there in your opinion, but my thoughts are otherwise. given the sight of the place there is probably very good reason as to why i don’t hang out there. however, i am definitely not a rocket scientist so at least you got one out of three right.