Oh boy…this oughta be interesting


There is a job posting on the window of the empty space NEXT TO PINKBERRY (where Spin used to be.)

It’s for this place: http://www.nielsens-ice.com. Note the "coming to a city near you".  You know what that means!

Let the games begin!

Neilsen's Ice Cream Grand Opening

BTW, they are looking for salespeople and a manager .  Also, they think we like useless knowledge but can’t use wikipedia .



  1. Hey everybody..
    Yes, its on Abbot Kinney, and no, we are not a chain, nor yogurt.. my partner/girlfriend and I have had a few (2) shops in Denmark, it was part of a franchise chain that we didn’t believe in. So we thought we would pack our bags, and start a shop where we are in control of the product and company. The website says “a city near you” as we were not sure we could get a location in venice.. And by the way.. the opening date has been pushed to the 27th.. free gelato from 12 to 4 pm. hope to see you there.