Ms. Vintage – what’s the deal?


I have been waiting to catch Ms. Vintage when it’s open – and I’m so glad I finally did!  It is such a great store!  Owners, Marsha and Sabrina, have collected interesting and beautiful vintage items from around the world to sell in their Abbot Kinney shop.  As Marsha pointed out – "vintage" is characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal – and she and Sabrina certainly have an eye for it.

Ms. Vintage

They have a little bit of everything: clothing, jewelry, art, lighting, home decor, furniture, linens, shoes, purses, kitchen decor.  Everything is in beautiful condition too – no picking through racks and racks of vintage clothing that looks its age.  Some notable items from my recent visit:  a Gucci leather purse from the 1920’s, an Edwardian house coat from the 1910s (photo below), a fabulous big leather hobo purse from the 1960s .

Ms. Vintage, Abbot Kinney Blvd.

You’ll pay slightly higher here than in some other vintage stores, but the quality of items is unlike anything you’re likely to see elsewhere.   Also, Marsha tells me that their pricing is determined by what they paid, not by what they think they can get.  (You won’t be seeing a $100 price tag on a $10 flea market find.)

All book proceeds are donated to the Perfect Pet Rescue (Marsha had her own 2 rescued dogs in the store that day.)  They also use recycled shopping bags, which is a nice touch since their entire inventory is sort of "recycled".

As Marsha gave me a tour of the store, I could see that this is a woman who loves high-end vintage, knows a lot about it, and is going to enjoy having a store full of it!  Sabrina came in as I was leaving, but she seemed just as much a vintage fan and expert as her partner.

Hours are somewhat limited, but you can always call for an appointment, they are very flexible and available in that regard.  It was just fun to look through the store, I can’t wait to go back…

Ms. Vintage, Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Ms. Vintage
1508 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA
[email protected]
Hours: Thursday – Saturday 11am-6pm; Sunday 12-5pm, and by appointment



  1. I have visited the store and found it very inviting and appealing. The merchandise is very special and the owners are knowledgeable and personable.

  2. I do hope this comment arrives, bec ause I was
    really so impressed with your shop. Thank you both for your wonderful suggestions. Everyone was thrilled with their presents and I’m looking amazingly chic. The only drawback was the overweight on the flight home! Now that you know what I like, please start saving things for my next visit. Many, many thanks and warmest good wishes, Jennifer G

  3. This is a beautiful shop and the displays are very interesting. I like the patio in front, looks very inviting place to shop. Excellent job.