FakeBerry is open in Venice


…and it doesn’t look good.  Even that guy in the hat is like "wtf?"

(Update: This store is not affiliated with or endorsed by FreshBerry, who is extremely pissed that their name is being used.  This ugly location alone is enough to be pissed at them – it in no way reflects the image or business of the actual FreshBerry.)

FreshBerry in Venice California

A lackluster opening on a lackluster block in the busiest tourist area of Venice.   Boring storefronts become invisible when the craziness of Oceanfront Walk is right there, not to mention the constant game of chicken (aka street parking.)  I couldn’t even stop the car long enough to take this picture – I did a drive-by and hoped for the best.  This is why that block is the kiss of death – there is too much distraction surrounding it.