Whole Foods Opening Soon in Venice!


The slow unveiling of Whole Foods has been kinda frustrating, hasn’t it? I went by yesterday to take some snaps and I overheard the manager and carpenters mentioning the Grand Opening – which they said will be September 3rd or 4th. (There’s already food inside!)
New Whole Foods in Venice
The new store looks amazing from the outside. It is a definite improvement in the overall aesthetics of the Rose and Lincoln intersection. The repaved parking lot is still a nightmare. The lanes are narrow and spaces are tiny. It’s also completely packed with cars!  Some are contractor trucks, but not all of those cars could be from the construction, the laundromat, the dollar store, and CVS. I can only imagine what it’ll be like when Whole Foods actually opens.  Audis and Mercedes endlessly circling to find a spot. The unmistakeable sound of car doors getting dinged. (Thankfully, I can ride my bike there.)

Food in Whole Foods!

So, the long wait for a natural and organic foods chain store is almost over.  If we get a Trader Joe’s and a Target, I will never have to leave Venice again.

CVS has been open during construction and it’s getting a facelift as well.

New CVS Facade to match Whole Foods

Whole Foods Coming Soon



  1. Nice Update!

    There was a full page ad in The Argonaut announcing a 9/3 opening and a schedule of events. There are also banner ads on The Argonaut website as well.

  2. The parking lot is a nightmare. Not nearly enough parking for the CVS, 99 Cent Store, Whole Foods and the laundromat. It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get parking after 5 p.m. So disappointing.