Gnooze about boobs


Gnooze did a piece on Pastiefest 2008.  Or National Go Topless Day , as it’s officially called.

Gnooze (the g is silent) is the day’s news in about 3 minutes, aiming for biting satire and easily bringing off zany observation. 

Launched in August 2007, gnooze has built a reputation for ignoring the foaming-at-the-mouth mainstream media and doing its own thing: whether it’s in the studio or out on the street, expect an update unlike any other.

Amazing Cosbars is the production team behind gnooze (the g is silent) comprised of Brian Bartelt and Marta Costello.   The two first collaborated professionally in local tv news where he worked as a cameraman/editor and she was a reporter/producer.

Yo Venice! would like to thank Brian Bartelt for sending us the video and company blurb.  (hint hint.  We love content submissions and story tips!)