Saturday is National Go-Topless Day in Venice


(Please note that it is me, Keri, writing this post.  Bret thinks it would be creepy if he wrote it.)

That’s right…this Saturday, August 23rd starting at noon – Venice Beach will be one of several nationwide locations for Go-Topless Day , a protest in the name of equal topless-rights for women.

Go Topless pre-protest parade

We saw this pre-protest parade yesterday – raising awareness of the event and attracting quite a following of men who seemed very concerned with the rights of women.  "Women, protect your rights!  Show some boob!" was the parade chant, while others chimed in from the sidelines with comments like "I don’t give a sh*t about their rights, I just wanna see some t*ts."  (Nice.  You’re a lovely man.  Really.  But shouldn’t you be somewhere crushing a beer can against your skull?)

New York has allowed both genders to be topless in public since 1992 – and it’s not like there are unclothed bosoms everywhere.  I lived there for many years and never noticed.  And my husband would have definitely alerted me to any naked knobs in our vicinity.  Having the right to go topless is not going to suddenly alter most women’s behavior.  I think the main thing that’ll change is that men won’t go so ga-ga at the sight of a breast.  Once it becomes a more normal occurrence, maybe more women will feel comfortable.  (hint to men: nothing makes a women cover up faster than feeling oogled.  Most of you aren’t even subtle about seeing some side-boob.  Learn to be.)

CA Ladies, if you want the same rights as your NY sisters…be at the beach this Saturday. Let the puppies out, give the sweater kittens some air, introduce Ethel and Lucy, defrost the chesticles, shine up the rib bumpers, share the funbags, flip the flapdoodles (still Keri writing this.) Whether yours are a carpenter’s dream, natural num-nums, or an aftermarket upgrade – you should have the right to free the lolas – even if it makes men act like total boobs.

National Go-Topless Day
Saturday, August 23rd 2008
Noon @ Venice Beach
Navy and Oceanfront Walk

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  1. True true. But if they get the job done…

    Look at our past 2 presidential elections – extreme religious groups can be quite powerful. Sometimes for good (boobs), sometimes for evil (GW).

  2. Boobies! Can we get a photo gallery for those who can’t show up to support this in person? I love boobs, all kinds of boobs. Boobs are good. Boobs are nice. Boobs are ur friends.

  3. So what day is this actually happening? The 23rd is Monday. says it’s happening on SUNDAY the 22nd. And everything else I see says Saturday….