GJelina – gjust ok.


Gjelina Abbott Kinney

We tried GJelina this week – the new restaurant that gjust opened on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Milwood.  If you read other reviews online, you’ll see pretty mixed reactions.  Everyone thinks it’s gorgeous inside (it is!) but the gjury is still out on the food.

We only stopped in for a quick drink and a snack, so this review isn’t very thorough – but we will say this…that was the smallest cheese plate we have ever paid $13 for .   The asparagus we had heard so much about was pretty good, but not outstanding.   The wine list looked interesting and reasonable but the food seemed overpriced and underwhelming.   We have a friend who has been there a whopping 5 times since it opened, so our opinions may not be the majority.   He did say he loves salty food though…

Since GJelina opened, it’s been crowded and near-future reservations are hard to come by. We’ve heard that they were not anticipating such a influx of business right off the bat, so they are holding off on their plans to open for breakfast and lunch.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to get all caught up in this early hype though – we’re going to wait a few weeks before going back.  Maybe by then, they will have restocked their jasmine tea, the food portion vs. cost will have balanced out a bit, and the friendly staff won’t seem so overwhelmed.

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA



  1. as you mentioned, they did just open, and unfortunately I think they are being judged a little prematurely. I stopped in and enjoyed a great glass of wine and the delicious mushroom toast. My server was such a nice guy and I enjoyed myself. I will say that they have some kinks they need to work out, but I am happy to have a distinct new option on Abbot Kinney. It’s kinda fancy pants, but I like it.

  2. Yes you are right – the first reviews were probably premature. This place has such potential and I’m sure it will be fabulous – it’s not even like it’s BAD, there’s just a few kinks to be worked out – like any new business.

    The decor is amazing – so it’s definitely worth at least a stop in for a glass of wine. And I do admit that we didn’t try enough food to form an opinion on that – just that other reviewers were mixed on it.

    Anyway – do check it out. It is fancy-pants, but I like it too.

  3. I am sorry but this place is not that great; too loud on the inside, salty food that takes forever to arrive at your table and a staff well never mind. I give my kudos to the design team the decor is immaculate!! This place LOOKS great.

  4. I went tonight for a drink after dinner. They need to turn the air on, as there is no way you could be in there in anything less than a pair of shorts at this point. My friend said he could not imagine taking a date here in a coat and tie as you would be dripping in sweat within 15 minutes. Growing pains .. we all have them … I am sure it will get pulled together.

  5. Connor; the company or companies who designed it is/are Modern Arc Inc and Peel Inc and I agree they did an awesome job. The looks of this place is its best attribute.

  6. it is pricey for what you get, portions are much smaller now than they were when the first opened. to be a neighborhood “spot”, they need to get organized, you can’t charge $24 for a chicken dish!!